Homes for Sale in Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown, DE

Real Estate Information About Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown, DE

Hyett’s Crossing is a residential neighborhood that you can access from Route 13 in the city of Middletown, Delaware. The surrounding areas are primarily suburban residential subdivisions. Hyett’s Crossing offers excellent family-friendly housing options available for sale. The community gives an easy access to Downtown Middletown and other major business areas in the region. The new development features 84 single-family homes with 1/3 to 1/2 acre property area and excellent open space. Houses in Hyett’s Crossing come in ranch-style and two-storey twin home designs. Properties are adorned with beautiful landscapes, easy road access, three bedrooms, and gourmet kitchen features.

Amenities in Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown, DE

The Hyett’s Crossing neighborhood offers excellent amenities to its residents. The area has 70 acres of open space, a local park, and walking trails. The green space is properly mixed with the well-maintained lawns and residential homes showcasing a beautiful environment for families living in the area. Residents in Hyett’s Crossing have easy access to family-friendly recreational and commercial establishments outside the neighborhood. A few hours east of the community is the Augustine Wildlife Preserve. This nature preserve features a variety of outdoor facilities you can visit including beach access.

Amenities in Hyett’s Crossing

Schools near Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown, DE

Hyett’s Crossing neighborhood offers easy access to a good number of school options in the surrounding area. If you are looking to move into the city, you can choose from a list of schools that educate residents of the neighborhood. Schools close to the community are St. Georges Technical High SchoolKiddie Academy of Middletown, Commodore Macdonogh Elementary School, and many more.
Schools near Hyett’s Crossing

Selling your Home in Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown, DE

If you are going to sell your home in Hyett’s Crossing, Middletown you will want to market it online. Online marketing helps you reach out to more potential buyers a lot faster than traditional marketing channels. Around 92% of all Real Estate purchases nowadays are in some ways done through the internet. Our team can help list your property on our website and use our platform to help you find more interested buyers. If you have any questions about the process of selling a home or want to know more information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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