Delaware Buyer’s Closing Costs

Closing Costs for Delaware Homebuyers

Buyer’s Approximate Closing Cost Guide

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Average Delaware Closing Costs
Home Valuation$300,000
Points & Lender Fees
Points Amount$1,308
Lender Origination Fee$1,230
Total Estimated Lender Fees$2,538
Estimated Third-Party Fees
Credit Report$26
Tax Services$84
Flood Certification$10
Flood Monitoring$7
Closing/Escrow Fee$1,350
Lender's Title Insurance$845
Recording Mortgage$475
County Tax$2,250
State Tax$3,750
Total Estimated Third-Party Fees$9,857
*Note: Total Third-Party fees may include seller-paid fees.
Total Estimated Closing Costs$12,395
*Note: Amounts shown are an estimate and may differ from actual costs.